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Bilingual Employee Manny
Manny Perez III

Bilingual Retail Employees - Meet Manny

Bilingual retail employees break barriers

Our Retail teams help introduce our latest innovations to the world. But they make the biggest difference in one-on-one opportunities – connecting with people wherever they live, work or play. Thanks to our bilingual team members, we can help our customers in the language they speak.

See what our bilingual Retail team members have to say about their work experiences – and how it impacts their community:

How does being bilingual impact customer experience?

Being bilingual allows AT&T the opportunity to provide exceptional service to those who may not speak English. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for the customer and makes them feel more comfortable. Knowing there is a bilingual representative who speaks and understands them helps eliminate any language barriers.

How has being able to interact with customers in a language other than English impacted your experience as an AT&T employee?

Being able to interact with customers who do not speak English has truly developed me not only as a leader, but as the face of AT&T within the Hispanic community. It has also helped my team provide the highest level of service possible to all customers, regardless of the language they speak.

How have bilingual Retail Sales Consultants positively impacted the community?

Bilingual AT&T Retail representatives and managers are the face of the diverse AT&T workforce. This shows the community that AT&T supports and employs those from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to be a part of something greater than themselves. AT&T has created many job opportunities within the bilingual community for those seeking a fun and challenging career. It’s a great opportunity to communicate effectively with individuals in our community who may not be proficient or confident in the English language.

– Manny Perez III, Bilingual English/Spanish Retail Sales Consultant, Atlanta, GA

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