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As AT&T responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees, customers and applicants remains our top priority. The work we do is critical to millions of people and companies around the world staying connected. We are committed to ensuring this work continues. To deliver on our mission, we are still actively recruiting for the roles posted on

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Our customers count on us to be the experts on the newest technology and entertainment – all a part of a job that’s stocked wall-to-wall with perks.

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Life as a retail sales consultant

You are the face of our Brand.

Every interaction with a customer matters. Being courteous takes on new meaning in today’s environment – it is more than just service with a smile. It’s creating meaningful connections with our customers. A strong knowledge of our products and services, an ability to listen and understand – these are key to delivering not just a personalized, but an effortless experience. And that delivers satisfied customers.

Look sharp.

You’ll receive a Spring and Fall fund to spend on Team Colors apparel. While working, you can wear:

  • A Team Colors Branded Shirt with
    the AT&T logo

  • Dark blue or black jeans, skirts or
    business casual style pants

  • AT&T Approved Name Tag

Employees smiling outside of an AT&T store providing curbside service.

* Curbside service and delivery may not be available at all AT&T Retail locations.

Everyday is different and that’s good.

At AT&T, we don’t just sell products and services, we’re so much more. We work in our communities answering the needs of our customers. We provide the AT&T Experience through courteous, personalized and safe interactions. Also, our bilingual opportunities allow us to deliver the same experience in a customer’s native language.

Our environment is evolving.

  • Personal Protection
    Equipment Provided

  • Curbside Pick-up
    & Delivery**

  • Customer & Employee
    Protection Protocols

  • Sanitizing
    Environment & Tech

* AT&T is adhering to local and state COVID-19 response protocols.

** Curbside service and delivery may not be available at all AT&T Retail locations.

AT&T At Your Service

At Your Service is our commitment to provide an exceptional customer experience. We know we’ll deliver if every action we take is based on the four commitments below – making each customer feel valued and appreciated.


    The basics matter. Customers expect a reliable network and great value. We deliver the basics better than anyone else. We simplify and enhance the customer experience every day.


    We go above and beyond to resolve customer concerns the first time. We are courteous and friendly, always ready with an "I can help you with that" attitude. We make it easy and convenient.


    We listen, understand and adapt to meet customers' changing needs. We make AT&T products and experiences simple and tailored to them. We provide personalized solutions.


    Customers want to feel like they matter and we deliver innovative ways to ensure they leave feeling valued and appreciated. We give more than expected. We deliver exceptional.

AT&T At Your Service

Living the At Your Service commitments within these steps of the AT&T Experience is your guide to delivering extraordinary interactions where every customer feels safe, comfortable and appreciated.

Diagram to represent service traits

How our Pay Works.

  • Base Pay
    is paid every two weeks.

  • At-risk pay
    (or commission) is paid once a month

  • Union dues
    may be a condition of employment, depending on your state

  • Chill out
    with Paid Time Off (PTO)

The Perks of Working Here.

  • Keep Learning
    with tuition assistance

  • Build Skills
    with development programs

  • Earn Discounts
    on AT&T products & services

  • Get covered
    with family medical, dental & vision plans

All You Need to Know About Scheduling.

calendar icon


Schedules are based on seniority and are provided approximately 1 month at a time. Customers count on us – being there during your scheduled time is important.

clock with dollar symbol overlay icon

New Hires

New hires usually work during the busiest times (like evenings and weekends), which maxes out how much you can earn.

clock with highlighted area icon

Paid Time Off

Additionally, Paid Time Off can cover your scheduled vacations and last-minute situations.

Ready to Learn? We’ve Got You!

computer screen with person silhouette icon

New Hire

New employee orientation and training takes about 2 weeks and typically includes virtual sessions and self-study activities.

finger pressing a button icon


You’ll receive monthly online or leader-led training to stay up to date.

finger pointing at a calendar icon

Your Career

Start in our stores, but go just about anywhere. Through training & leadership support you can create your own path.

Stores filled with rewards

Our employees matter – in and out of our stores. That’s why we offer great perks that can improve their lives.

  • Enjoy your payday

    Retail employees earn great compensation and benefits, on top of other awesome rewards.

  • Discover major discounts

    Want the latest tech? Or the coolest event tickets? We’re your hookup for deep discounts.

  • Relax on your schedule

    Whether you’re headed somewhere exotic or just need a day off, our Paid Time Off options can get you there.

  • Learn while you earn

    Looking to enhance your skills? Our paid training can help you level up.

  • Head back to school

    Continuing your education? We’ll help eligible employees with approved tuition costs.

  • Prepare for retirement

    The AT&T Retirement Savings Plan (ARSP) is one way we help you save for your future.

  • Know you’re covered

    From medical to dental to vision, you and your family are covered with our insurance options.

Excellent foundation for not only great customer service. But also great sales experience.


Great company to be employed by and they truly cherish their employees. Great opportunity for advancement and or relocation.


My commute is minimum 45 min on a good day. Besides the traffic, Bay Area cost of living is extraordinarily high.

Current Employee – Retail Sales Consultant
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  • Three Star Rating
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