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123 Years of AT&T Family Legacy

By Katie Pacholczyk, AT&T Insider Staff Writer

Ever wonder what your great-grandpa was doing 100 years ago? Well, our own Dahna Hull, VP - AT&T University Operations, has an answer. Her’s was stringing telephone lines from a horse-drawn wagon.

Starting with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (SBC) in 1921, Arthur B. Cavender (or DeDad to his grandkids) worked in the Plant Department before retiring with 35 years of service.

When he started, he probably couldn't imagine that this company would go on to employ his family for a collective 123 years. But it has.

Three generations later, Dahna is keeping her family's legacy alive here at AT&T.


All in the family

Dahna's grandfather, Harry Hull, worked for SBC as a frameman and switchman before being promoted to central office engineer. He retired with over 48 years of service.

Then Harry's son, Larry (or Dahna's dad), worked for the company as a frame foreman, wire chief, district plant manager and in HR before going on an international assignment in Mexico City. He returned to serve as a Vice President General Manager before retiring with 32 years of service.

And these men didn't just serve the company. Each of them (Arthur, Harry and Larry) served in the U.S. armed forces in WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War, respectively.

Their secret, revealed

"All of these men are so sweet and caring," Dahna says, recounting how they taught her to succeed. "They taught me to always treat people well, regardless of who they are or their level."

And that advice has served Dahna well.

After starting with AT&T 21 years ago in the Leadership Development Program (LDP), Dahna relocated 11 times, including for an international assignment in Switzerland.

She worked on the team that built requirements for text messaging between carriers, spearheaded cultural change in the Care organization, and rolled out AT&T Internet 1000 (then called GigaPower) to Austin, Texas.

"I have been blessed with a lot of different opportunities in different organizations," she says. "Who gets to do this stuff?! It's so cool!"

He calls me all the time and asks 'How was the ERG Conference?' or 'How did that meeting go?' He loves this company and is so excited to hear what we're doing now.

Dahna Hull on her dad Larry

Attack with enthusiasm

It's that enthusiasm that she recommends we each carry with us in everything we do.

"Show up every day and deliver great results in a way that creates fans," she says.

And Dahna has many fans. One of them is her dad, Larry.

"He calls me all the time and asks 'How was the ERG Conference?' or 'How did that meeting go?'" she says. "He loves this company and is so excited to hear what we're doing now."

Larry still stays in touch with many friends and colleagues at the company, too.

"That's the kind of company people want to work for," Dahna says. "It's a family."

If you’re interested in making AT&T your family, take a look at our openings.

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