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Bilingual Barriers

Bilingual Retail Employees - Meet Daisy

Our Retail teams help introduce our latest innovations to the world. But they make the biggest difference in one-on-one opportunities – connecting with people wherever they live, work or play. Thanks to our bilingual team members, we can help our customers in the language they speak.

See what our bilingual Retail team members have to say about their work experiences – and how it impacts their community:

How does being bilingual impact customer experience?

Being bilingual makes the customer feel good when you understand their community and people. Plus, speaking to them in their native language allows us to help them more efficiently. Every customer is unique and I can offer each one a unique experience.

How has being able to interact with customers in a language other than English impacted your experience as an AT&T employee?

My favorite part is being able to mingle with people and being able to change their minds. People need to be open minded and ready to expand their knowledge; products evolve and change and it’s exciting to be a part of it. I can fit in well and I get to interact with people in all walks of life - it’s rewarding to know that I can help make their lives better with the products we offer because they believe in you. Not only that, but my role is challenging and encourages me to keep learning every day. I want to be well-prepared for the next big thing.

How have bilingual Retail Sales Consultants positively impacted the community?

The Bay Area has such a diverse population, and being able to offer so many unique languages helps customers feel more at ease when entering our store. I also love that the company embraces diversity and allows me to grow. As long as you’re willing to learn, AT&T offers a tremendous opportunity.

  • Daisy Poon, Bilingual English/Chinese Retail Sales Consultant, Cupertino, CA

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