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Senior Quality Reporting Manager

Dallas, Texas

Does innovation, technology, public policy, teamwork and exceptional customer service resonate with you?  If so, the opportunity to utilize those passions and skills can be exercised serving as a Senior Quality Reporting Manager.  In this position, you will play a pivotal role in supporting the AT&T Regulatory & State External Affairs organization, the front-line for AT&T in the public policy debate.  You will be immersed in an environment where it is a requisite to understand how public policy, legislation, regulatory administration and compliance connect with strategic stakeholder engagement and public affairs.  You will be responsible for all aspects of analysis and evaluation of complex internal and external customer business problems and the development of solutions.  This will take critical thinking and reasoning through logic to solve complex problems by analyzing a depth of data utilizing statistics to cultivate solutions.  Partnering with the client to understand the implementation of advocacy strategies and plans are essential.  

In this position:
  • You will be responsible for collecting, recording, classifying, examining, analyzing or reporting business operations
  • You will play a key role in supporting the AT&T External and Legislative Affairs organization
  • You will be immersed in an environment where it is critical to understand and willing to learn the public policy arena, the global economic environment, the community setting and how these three environments interrelate and intersect
  • This position requires a passion to learn about evolving technological, political, social and economic issues to support our internal clients who are the front-line for AT&T
  • You will lead the planning, developing and implementing techniques for ensuring the development of data environment, and the maintenance of data quality levels using accurate methods, procedures and processes
  • As a member of this team, you will provide consultation on the use of re-engineering techniques to improve process performance and data quality
  • This role will display tact and diplomacy by interacting with AT&T State Presidents and Vice Presidents in the Regulatory & State External Affairs department

Additional responsibilities include:
  • Manage issues, escalations and problem resolutions
  • Manage projects for multifaceted events and activities, that span multiple regions, functions and/or business units
  • Communicate with Leadership in a clear concise way
  • Acts as liaison with regions and vendors, providing requirements, communication and status
  • Create tools that automate repetitive events and data gathering
  • Conduct training of CORE application to Business Unit managers on a periodic basis
  • Responsible for CSM, CPC and Contract policy changes and associated training to the State External Affairs Organization
  • Initiate, conduct and coordinate analysis that will assist and identify opportunities for optimum use of resource allocations
  • Construct and apply statistical financial models and analysis to support strategic initiatives
  • Certify alignment between strategy objectives and resource prioritization
  • Develop tools to identify new opportunities to heighten fiscal performance
  • Analyze complex data and intangible factors
  • Utilize data to explore new ideas to optimize and/or redefine accountability
  • Design reports, summaries and reporting tools utilizing business intelligence to help operational decision making
  • Initiate, conduct and coordinate analysis to ensure that financial goals and work plans are on target by understanding principles and strategic value of clients funded organizations
  • Develop, design and create reports, summaries and reporting tools utilizing business intelligence to help operational decision making
  • Translate complex issues into easily understood messages 
  • Training of new policies to include, CSM, CPC’s & other business units systematic training

Skill Sets Required:

  • Advanced Technical Proficiency - Data Visualization, PowerBI, PowerQuery, DAX, PowerPivot and SharePoint; FDW, MR2020
  • Creativity - Experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination, synthesizing information to create new reporting and analysis approaches
  • Analytical skills - utilizing internal and external data to identify new approaches to implement efficiency, automation and change
  • Strong written and verbal communications
  • Capacity to be flexible and adaptable in fast-paced fluid environment
  • Ability to manage special projects in addition to day to day responsibilities
  • Aptitude to respond to ambiguity and complexity
  • Ability to collaborate and display outside the box thinking
  • Talent to influence as well as achieve consensus
  • Ability to modulate positive and negative feedback

Required Qualifications:
Five or more years of progressive experience in the Finance, Statistics or Data Analysis in a corporate environment

Bachelor’s Degree in finance, statistics, business, accounting or related field
Specialized skill training or certification may be required

Job ID 1947381 Date posted 09/18/2019

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