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Leadership Development Program

Dallas, Texas


What’s next at AT&T? You tell us. Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) will give you the tools to take charge at the center of a global company. Across three customized job rotations, you’ll connect to your future with unmatched learning opportunities, on-the-job training and mentorship programs. And working alongside the industry’s best, you’ll be ready to lead your career in any direction you want.

  • Primarily CA, GA, TX, NY
  • Must be mobile
  • Yes, leadership role
  • Program - 2.5 years
    Apply: August – December
    Start: May, June, July

    Internship - 10 weeks
    Apply: August – March
    Start: May, June, July
  • Open to all backgrounds
    Program - MBA
    Internship - 1st year MBA

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Applicant Experience

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a breakdown of the typical application process.

  • Your experience can take between 4 – 6 weeks depending on location and time of year.
  • You may have to pass an assessment before moving on to the next step.
  • Watch this video to see what the job’s really like

  • Campus interview

  • Behavioral assessment

  • Program manager interview

  • Executive interview (full-time only)

  • Congratulations and welcome to AT&T!

How to prepare for your assessment

Our goal is to set you up for success at AT&T.

That’s why we’re providing you with the information you need to prepare for the entire application process - in particular, the Hogan Assessment, which measures your behavioral readiness for a position. When you’re getting ready, it’s a good idea to find a quiet place, get in the zone and answer as honestly as possible. And to prevent any errors from happening, make sure you are doing so on a computer and not a mobile device.

If you want to get a better idea of what will be involved, check out our Hogan Assessment Study Guide

Leadership Development Program

Dallas, Texas


AT&T is leading the way to the future – for customers, businesses and the industry. We're developing new technologies to make it easier for our customers to stay connected to their world. With a network that covers 225 countries, including more than 120 million customers, we’d say we’re well on our way. Together, we’ve built a premier integrated communications, media and entertainment, and technology company that’s also an amazing place to work and grow. Team up with industry innovators every time you walk into work, creating the world you always imagined.

AT&T’s Leadership Development Program is nationally recognized as a top-tier rotational program for students finishing their graduate degrees. For more than 30 years, we’ve consistently produced leaders who keep us ahead, guaranteeing AT&T’s long-term success in a fast-changing industry. That means you’ll have everything you need to stretch your talent further than you ever thought possible.

As part of our two-and-a-half year program featuring three job rotations, you’ll gain exclusive access to management, development and resources that aren’t available to anyone else. It’s a unique opportunity to lead projects, develop teams, and gain management experience from day one.

So, what’s in it for you? For starters:

Foundational Knowledge

Through diverse work experiences, you’ll gain well-rounded knowledge of AT&T and the industry. Your rotations will be based on your key strengths, unique background and areas of interest – all to facilitate achieving your career goals.

Adaptive Development

Through executive assessments, leadership development, and national conferences, you’ll have the chance to become a well-connected leader and progress your professional brand. Your customized job rotations will help you enhance your strengths and grow you as an extraordinary leader.

Mentorship and Networking

The Leadership Development Program is a distinguished program with proven success, an industry-wide reputation, and a strong network of peers and leaders. Along with other high-achieving candidates, you’ll engage in mentoring circles to build relationships and exchange career advice with experts across AT&T.

Corporate Culture

Joining AT&T means being part of a team and culture dedicated to diversity. Our culture values a commitment to giving back in communities where we live and work, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get engaged and make an impact.

As you complete your rotations and shape your career at AT&T, you’ll be prepared for everything our company has to offer. With a variety of career opportunities and company-wide support, you’ll have what you need to gain the edge in your career.


To be considered for this program, you must be actively pursuing an MBA or Master’s degree, or have completed one within the last year. Technical undergrad degrees are a plus. You’ll also need three or more years of full-time work experience, and we find our most successful candidates have a talent for collaborating on complex solutions and have had supervisory responsibilities in previous roles.

Be ready for an adventure and have an eagerness to thrive in a range of leadership positions as you progress through possibilities in a variety of locations like the Greater Dallas and Atlanta areas, Southern California or to other locations where the program offers job assignments. These job assignment locations are variable and subject to change at any time for the needs of the business. And most of all, here at AT&T, the drive to transform people’s lives through technology will be your most valuable asset.

Do you have what it takes to be an amazing leader? Let’s connect.
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AT&T will not sponsor applicants for work visas of any kind for this position. This job may require a vehicle motor report (MVR).

Job ID 1832755
Date posted 08/10/2018

Great perks


Tuition reimbursement, room to advance and diversity


Out sourcing, job freezing, union and contract workers

Former Employee - Graduate Student
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This is the life – the #LifeAtATT, that is. We’re creating what’s next and having a blast doing it. You’re looking for proof? Well, see for yourself.

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