Customer Support Specialist at AT&T
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Call Center Advanced Technology Support Representative

Customer Support Specialist

Lubbock, Texas


Career level:
Advanced (2+ years of experience)

This is your chance to be the expert everyone counts on. Maybe you’ve honed your skills in tech support, customer service or even gaming. Here, you can be a key part of the team that finds solutions to the biggest questions our customers have. And with that kind of responsibility, there’s so much waiting for you in your career.

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Ideal candidate

  • Have completed your degree
    or are in school
  • Complete the Technical Support assessment

What makes a successful Advanced Technology Support Representative?

  • Problem solving skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patience and empathy

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Start here. Go anywhere.

A role with us opens to endless possibilities for your career. See what we mean below:

Call Center Advanced Technology Support Career Path
  • Tier 1. It startw with a Tier 1 call center advanced technology support representative role. You'll rely on advanced call center experience to solve more complex and technical customer problems.
  • Tier 2. From there, you can gro into a Tier 2 position, overseeing the CHAT team handling complex tech solutions. This managerial role connects you to bigger responsibilities, grows your leadership skills and even offers better pay.

Not for you? Check what else is possible on one of our teams:

  • Associate Director - regulatory compliance
  • Information Technology Auditor
  • Telecommunications Technology Manager
  • Lead Compliance Analyst
  • Senior Technical Manager - IT/Technology
  • Retail Managers

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A day in the life

Laptop A day in the life

You’ll rely on advanced call center experience to solve more complex and technical customer problems. That includes remote IT support on issues like connectivity and troubleshooting.

After completing our IT support test, you’ll be ready to take on customers’ most pressing challenges.

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Customer Support Specialist

Lubbock, Texas

Take the lead at the frontline of our company! In this multifaceted role, you’ll assist with telephone and face-to-face customer interactions that utilize various tools and systems (telephone, e-email, e-care, correspondence, teletypewriter and online chat). You’ll proactively evolve to meet customers’ needs and competitive demands. Success will depend upon your in-depth knowledge of AT&T’s products and services and your ability to provide effective resolutions.

Our call center environment is constantly evolving so we’ll look to you to drive tools and technology to enable first call resolution. In the process, you’ll develop experience with a broad range of customer service call types like: advanced technical support, collections, retention, sales channel coordination and billing and adjustments. You’ll also engage third party vendors and suppliers as needed to address service faults and provide customer resolution. You may be tasked with identifying, tracking and rendering issues to assist in various root cause eliminations.

In addition to these duties, you’ll be required to:
• Handle wireless local number portability (WLNP), relocations, combined bill support, after hours inquiries and pre-paid service.
• Troubleshoot and resolve customer impacting issues such as but not limited to: voice & data issues that span multiple networks and interdependent network elements, considering network conditions, connectivity, devices, applications, provisioning and billing. (Note: The skill and knowledge required will change with technology and application innovations.)
• Assist customers with products and services such as but not limited to laptop connect services including air cards, USB devices, initial set-up, configuration of AT&T provided software & applications.
• Proactively engage T3 support (network and IT) to address & resolve issues.
• Remain proficient in all billing, rate plan and feature matters.

We prefer that you have:
• At least one year customer service experience
• Call Center experience
• Advanced typing/keyboarding skills

What’s in it for you? We’ll offer paid-training that as well as resources to encourage your career growth. We also offer a competitive compensation package. You’ll also gain an amazing benefits package with medical/dental coverage, 401(k) plan, tuition reimbursement and paid time off. Rounding out these benefits and perks we also provide 50% employee discount on:

• AT&T internet & fiber
• AT&T phone (formerly U-verse Voice)
• DIRECTV (including Free HBO & NFL Sunday Ticket) and U-verse TV

Career possibilities are limitless with AT&T. You will have the chance to round out your experience with training on the latest technology, devices and our entire lineup of products, services and promotions. If you’re 18 years or older, let’s talk.

Job ID 2042147
Date posted 10/09/2020

Applicant Experience

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a breakdown of the typical application process.

  • Check your status regularly. Timing varies, so log in to see where we are.
  • You may have to pass an assessment before moving on to the next step.
  • If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you’ll be eligible to retake your assessments after 6 months.
  • Your interview may be online. Make sure you have a strong connection and dress professionally.
  • Watch this video to see what the job’s really like

  • Complete the assessment

  • Phone Interview

  • In-person interview

  • Conditional job offer

  • Drug screening and background check

  • Congratulations and welcome to AT&T!

How to prepare for your assessment

  • See if you're a fit by taking the required assessment

  • Test your decision making and memory skills with a quick exam

  • Keep an eye on your inbox - we'll be in touch about the next step

Want an idea of what will be on the assessment? You can prepare by taking a look at our study guides:

Advanced Tech Support Rep


Love "aha!" factor when I share valuable information with customers. Good feelng to educate and enlighten the public.


having to sit in one position all day.

Former Employee - Advanced Technical Support Representative
  • One Star Rating
  • Two Star Rating
  • Three Star Rating
  • Four Star Rating
  • Five Star Rating


We take care of our own here (hint: that could be you). Our benefits and rewards mean we cover some of your biggest needs with some of the coolest offerings. We already think we’re a pretty great place to work. We’re just trying to rack up some bonus points.

  • Party every (pay) day

    Let’s start with the big one: Your work gets rewarded with competitive compensation and benefits. It really does pay to be on our team.

  • Save on swag

    Wanna make your friends really jealous? You’ll get discounted access to the latest and greatest AT&T products and services – plus other awesome items, like tickets to live events.

  • Get some “you” time

    Vacation? Staycation? Heck, let’s take a road trip. On top of paid holidays, chill out with paid time off (PTO) that you can spend any way you want.

  • Upgrade your skill set

    You strike us as an over-achiever (don’t worry, it’s a compliment). Our training and development programs are your ticket to expert status in your job.

  • Graduate to what’s next

    Our people have class. Literally. We can help you out on approved education costs with our tuition assistance plan.

  • Stuff your piggy bank

    When the day comes that you get some much needed R&R (not that you’d ever want to leave #LifeAtATT) you’ll know your future is set with the AT&T Retirement Savings Plan (ARSP).

  • Know you’re covered

    Here’s another reason to breathe easy: You and your family get access to excellent medical, dental and vision insurance options.


This is the life – the #LifeAtATT, that is. We’re creating what’s next and having a blast doing it. You’re looking for proof? Well, see for yourself.

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