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AT&T’s #WomenTechTalk

At AT&T, we’re lucky to be surrounded by women who inspire us to push past career roadblocks and achieve our goals. We’re even luckier to have an extended network of talented women who can give us advice and support when we need it.

Guess what? That means you’re lucky, too. Recently, we asked top influential women in STEM and some of our own leading technologists and engineers like Shay Phillips and, Jenifer Robertson to join us on Twitter for our #WomenTechTalk Chat to discuss the challenges facing women working in STEM fields and the rewards of pursuing your passion to its fullest.

See some highlights:

Q1 - We asked: Why do you think more women should be pursuing a career in a #STEM related field? #WomenTechTalk

Q2 - We asked: How do we break the stereotypes and stigmas around women in #STEM? #WomenTechTalk

Q3 - We asked: What are you doing to close the gender gap in #STEM? #WomenTechTalk

Q4 - We asked: What advice do you have for women looking for a mentor? #WomenTechTalk

Q5 - We asked: How important is a company’s culture? #WomenTechTalk

Q6 - We asked: How did you prepare for your career in #STEM? #WomenTechTalk

Q7 - We asked: What have been your biggest hurdles? #WomenTechTalk

Q8 - We asked: What should companies be doing to attract top females into technology careers? #WomenTechTalk

Q9 - We asked: Who has been your biggest advocate? #WomenTechTalk

Read the full #WomenTechTalk conversation and learn more about our panel of Women Who Inspire.


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