Life At AT&T Podcast Episode 9 - Vice Presidents - AT&T Careers
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Vice Presidents at AT&T

Life At AT&T Podcast Episode: Vice Presidents

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It’s election time in America! It’s time to pick our nation’s top leaders.

Don’t worry, I haven’t decided to take a turn and start talking politics. Instead, I’m using the election as a timely hook to talk to some of our leaders. Some of our female leaders, to be precise.

In this month’s episode, we went coast to coast to interview three women with “Vice President” in their titles, including:

  • Caroline Leach – VP, Customer Experience and Marketing Analytics
  • Eliska Paratore – VP, Human Resources
  • Joan Marsh – SVP, Federal Regulatory

Hear what it’s like to rise to a leadership role at AT&T as a woman, and their advice for young women looking to do the same.

Listen to the show here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Find it by searching for “Life at AT&T” on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.

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