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Life At AT&T Podcast Episode: American Standoff

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“Our family members are not terrorists,” said Susie Hammond, in an interview with two of our producers of original content.

The producers are Josh Turnbow and Robert Dvoran. The original content is “American Standoff,” which premieres on May 4, on the AUDIENCE Network at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Josh and Robert started producing this documentary in 2015.

“American Standoff” follows the story of Susie and her family, who are ranchers in Oregon. Their 20-year fight with government agencies led to their controversial trial and conviction on an anti-terrorism charge. It’s a story that made national news headlines.

On the latest episode of the Life at AT&T podcast, find out what went into producing “American Standoff,” including exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews with Josh and Bobby.

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