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AT&T Employees Come Together to Build an Epic Rube Goldberg-Style Machine

Recently, AT&T employees came together on their lunch breaks to build a Rube Goldberg-style machine. It took 25 talented employees including engineers, media production specialists, rocket scientists, augmented reality designers, and 1 former D1 athlete to create this human-powered Rube Goldberg machine. We used 34 takes, 60 hours of prep time, 36 hours of editing, rockets, a drummer, and 1 dance party to make the magic happen. See for yourself:

And that’s what #LifeAtATT is all about. Coming together to invent world-class technology for our customers. By the time it reaches them, it’s a well-oiled machine. But before that employees from all over the company are working together to get it just right.

We’ve been working with all kinds of new technology to innovate our products and take our company and our employees to the next level. Some of things we’ve been working on include:

And that’s just the beginning. See how we are so much more than just a phone company.


This is the life – the #LifeAtATT, that is. We’re creating what’s next and having a blast doing it. You’re looking for proof? Well, see for yourself.

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